Hi Girls&Guys,I'm Tatianna Barry a 17 year old senior in high school. I live in Norfolk,'s pretty small.I started my blog last year and wasn't really sure of my blog's direction but now I've got it.This is a personal style blog that has outfits(of course!) and styling tips.! My dream career and what I plan on pursuing is becoming a Fashion Buyer ! I love to spend other people's money so why not *sarcasm*. I am a Plus size blogger ,I used to be a little weary of the term because to me Fashion was Fashion it didn't matter what size,gender,or skin color. But , now that I've done my research there is a huge difference.The Plus-Size industry has grown since I've been blogging but I still feel like it deserves more credit. In my spare time ,I work and Hang out with my friends,I'm a typical teen but I love to blog. I hope you Girls&Guys Like my blog! And whenever you have a question don't be afraid to ask because I'll always answer!
XO Tatianna a.ka annabarry

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